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Entering the world of real estate is often difficult and confusing. If you have never tried to sell your house before, you may not know the tips and tricks to get prospective home buyers to see your listing. It feels like there are so many ways of the trade that you don’t know, and if you fail to learn, you’ll never get an offer.

Luckily, there are tips to attract someone who buys houses to look at your Commack, NY home. You can enter the real estate world smoothly if you post your ad on social media, have transparency in it, and stage your home. Whether you’re looking for a We Buy Houses company or a new family to move into your Suffolk County neighborhood, these tips can help you get your house off the market before you know it.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, almost everything we absorb is on our phones. Whether you use technology for work or scroll through your phone when you’re bored, you constantly consume advertisements on the internet. For that reason, why should you rely on a newspaper ad and signs in your yard? If you want to attract as many potential home buyers to your Commack, NY home as possible, you need to advertise online.

One way you can use the internet is by listing your house on a multiple listing service, or an MLS. MLS’s are websites that allow you to post your property with all the information a buyer could need (such as price, square feet, and amenities). When people search for a home, they often turn to MLS sites to see available houses in Commack, NY.

If you have social media, you can use it to your benefit. Often, people have friends and followers across many social media sites, and you never know who is searching for a house. However, you should not only put that your Suffolk County home is for sale online, but you should create some suspense. Hint to your online following that you have some exciting news coming up. Then, reveal that you’re looking for someone who buys houses in Commack, NY. If you create hype, people are more likely to share your advertisement. Even if none of your friends are looking, you can find a buyer if they share it with their friends.

Another way you can attract We Buy Houses companies to your home is to create house tour videos. You want to make looking at your house as available as possible, even if they can’t physically walk through your home. Find a way to film a creative walkthrough video. Set up your home to look nice, film shots of the space, and play music to go along with the video. After making the film, post it on social media so your friends can share it. You can find someone who buys houses in Suffolk County with your gorgeous and creative house tour.

Make Your Ad Clear and Concise

Whether you post your home on social media, an MLS, or through a newspaper, you want to make sure your ad is as clear as possible. While you want to add some fluff to make your house look appealing to every person who buys houses or We Buy Houses company in Commack, NY, you need to make sure that everyone who reads it can understand why they should buy your house.

Some things you need to put in your ad include the price, square footage, nearby schools, and amenities available. Make sure you map out everything that will make your house appealing to buyers and state it as concisely as you can. Add some professional photos to your ad, as well, that showcase all the great aspects of your home, so someone falls in love with it.

Stage Your Home

Before you take photos, put the ad into the world, or have an open house for your Suffolk County home, you need to stage it. You don’t want to show off your house covered in dirty clothes and chipped paint. To lure in potential home buyers, you need to make your home look perfect. Everyone wants a house that looks like it popped out of a storybook, so you need to make yours look like it’s from another world.

Clean your house, give each room a fresh coat of paint, and repair any broken or old appliances. Once the house looks brand new, dress it up. Make your home look like the cover of a home and garden magazine. Speaking of gardens, pay attention to yours and plant some flowers that will make the outside of your house look as inviting as the inside.

Once you have your ad online and you start booking open houses, there are some ways to make someone who buys houses comfortable. A content guest is more likely to put in an offer. Make sure your house is warm but not too hot. Offer them a cup of coffee or tea while they tour your home. Also, if you bake cookies before the potential home buyers in Commack, NY arrive, your whole house will fill with the lovely aroma of comforting cookies. Staging your house is more than making it look pretty: you want the buyer to imagine it as their home.

These are some tips for attracting someone who buys houses to your Suffolk County home. Whether you’re looking for families seeking a new home or a We Buy Houses company, there are ways to make your house appealing and bring large amounts of attention to your abode. To sell your house fast, promote it on social media, make your ad clear, and stage your home.

If you’re ready to take your first step into the real estate world by selling your house, V Buys Houses is there to help. We buy houses in Commack, NY so you can let go of your old house and move into the next step of your life as soon as possible. To learn more, call us at 631-294-7698 today.

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