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How To Sell My House Fast in Levittown, NY

There are some moments where you may need to sell your house fast. Whether your house is up for foreclosure or you got a job in a new state, you may have to get out of your old house as soon as possible. While it may seem impossible to sell my house fast, there are ways.

To sell your house fast, you have to declutter, stage it, price the house right, make upgrades, hire a professional photographer, write a great listing, and find an agent. Whether you’re selling to a We Buy Houses company or a traditional home buyer, you can get it off your hands quickly. Keep reading below if you ask, “How can I sell my house fast?” 


If you want to make your home appealing to home buyers, you have to declutter. A home that looks neat, put together, and like it came out of a movie will sell faster than a home that looks like a tornado swept through it.

If you have excess clutter in your Nassau County home, see if you can store it at a family member or friend’s house, or rent a storage unit. While you may want to keep your holiday decorations close to you, you don’t want them filling the hallway when you have an open house. Once you move into your new home, you can collect your items and stash them away.

Stage It

After you finish decluttering, you need to stage your Levittown, NY house. If your aesthetic is laid-back and messy, it’s time to turn your home into a magazine. Safely put away the paintings that your children made and hang up eye-catching art. Remove the personal elements of your decorations, like your children’s baby photos, as well. Make your house look like the place your potential home buyers would love to stay. That’s one of the tips to sell my house fast.

Some ways to decorate your home appropriately for an open house include pushing furniture away from the walls, adding office space, including fresh flowers and plants, filling the room with scents (like fresh-baked cookies), adding pops of color, and hiding any sight of pets. If you follow these, you are sure to impress any home buyer in Nassau County.

Price Your House Right

If the housing market has gone down since you bought your house, it may hurt to lose money on it. However, don’t overprice your house if you’re trying to sell it fast. Look at how much the houses in your area go for and list your house appropriately. 

It’s OK to put it lower than some of the other houses in the area. If you decorate your house nicely, the price and quality of your home will draw in plenty of interest, and may find yourself in the middle of a bidding war. Plus, you can try to negotiate for a higher price if your home buyer seems interested.

Upgrade Your House

It may feel bothersome to upgrade your house right before you move, but sometimes it’s necessary. Instead of leaving the paint job for the new owners, put a fresh color on your walls to freshen things up. If you have broken or non-matching appliances, replace them before you move. You can put in some nice countertops and paint your cabinets to make them look high-end. All this will raise the price of your house so that you can make the money back with the high offers you receive.

Hire a Professional Photographer

After you finish staging your home and making all the necessary upgrades, you need to showcase that in your listing. Therefore, hire a professional photographer who can make your home look gorgeous. The first impression most home buyers will get of your home is through pictures on your listing. Don’t post iPhone photos or, worse, no photos. You have put so much effort into making your home look nice, so get the most out of it!

Some tips for getting great photos include bringing in plenty of natural light, deep cleaning everything beforehand, and editing the images, so they make all the best features pop.

Write a Great Listing

The photos your photographer took won’t do anything if you don’t write a great listing. Again, this is the first place your potential home buyers will see your house, so you need to make it sound perfect. You have to highlight the great features of your home that will appeal to home buyers. Do you live in a great school area? Is your neighborhood child-friendly? You just updated your appliances, so make note of it! If your home has never flooded, that’s important information to put in as well. If you make your home sound ideal, more people will put in an offer.

Find an Agent

If you want to sell your house fast, you may struggle if you do it alone. You don’t know the housing market as well as someone in the field, so finding a great agent will help you sell your home faster. It may cost more to hire the best agent but you will get more money out of it that way. When you need to sell your house fast, hire a real estate agent to help.

There are many reasons that you may need to sell your home fast, and there are tips so that your house doesn’t sit on the market for months. If you declutter, stage your house, make upgrades, have professional photos taken, write a great listing, and find an agent, you can have your Nassau County home sold in no time.

To sell my home fast, consider selling to a We Buy Houses company in Levittown, NY. V Buys Houses will guarantee that you receive the most cash for your home. Whether you are leaving Levittown, NY for a new job across the country, or had acquired a home in a family member’s will, you need to leave that house behind quickly and get some cash in your pocket. With these tips and a great We Buy Houses company, you’ll sell the house before you know it.

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